Ron Roizen

I’m a sociologist by training (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley) and have been a Wallace resident since 1997.  I was an early member of the SNRC Science Committee.  It may be noticed as this blog develops that I also penned many (even most, though not all) of the published commentaries offered here.  The disproportionality arose out of two main contributing factors.  First, I was the only Science Committee member in 2001, the first year of its operation, who was unemployed over that period.  My between-jobs circumstance had the fortunate consequence of providing me with ample free time for the reading and the writing that went into the several critical pieces I produced.  Second, thereafter, and at some point in 2002, I was hired on by Shoshone County’s commissioners as a special consultant in relation to EPA’s science and remediation program.  This county post was funded by a special EPA grant providing for the employment of a qualified scientist who would “interpret” or “explain” EPA science to the county’s lay population.  (Incidentally, I’ve always given full and appreciative credit to EPA for not thwarting my hire in 2002, even though I was well known as a critic of EPA science by that time.)  The consultancy lasted for 12 months, as I recall, providing new resources for penning further critical commentaries and other writings.  Another marginal factor might be mentioned as well:  Part of this bias favoring my writings undoubtedly results from the fact that I’ve kept copies of nearly all that I wrote in this subject area between 2001 and 2005, and beyond.  My access to other Science Committee members’ writings is of course more limited at this point.  I’m hoping, however, that my colleagues on the committee will be inspired by this new blog’s existence and dredge their computers for writings they’ll submit and publish here as the blog evolves!  I may be reached at ronroizen@frontier.com or 208-597-1373.